Rogan knobs

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Rogan Alpha and RB series knobs for your Buchla, Eurorack or wherever you need them…
Imperial hex keys to fasten the knobs can be added for all sizes.
ALPHA Series available NOW !


Rogan knobs – Alpha and RB series as used on older original Buchla 200 series modules and on Eurorack modules by Verbos Electronics.
Shaft diameter is 6.35mm – fits perfectly on the Alpha 9mm pots and Alpha 16mm pots. The overall diameters can be found in the product description of each knob.
Hex keys to fasten the knobs can be added for all sizes. Especially the small hex-key may be needed as its an imperial size and not easy to get in Europe.

Please note that the large skirted knobs require longer pot shafts to fit.

Small unskirted.51 inch
12.95 mm
.48 inch
12.19 mm
.40 inch
10.16 mm
.045 inch
1.14 mm

Small skirted.90 inch
22.86 mm
.66 inch
16.76 mm
.51 inch
12.95 mm
.18 inch
4.57 mm
.31 inch
7.87 mm
Medium skirted1.15 inch
29.21 mm
.77 inch
19.56 mm
.71 inch
18.03 mm
.20 inch
5.08 mm
.48 inch
12.19 mm
Big skirted1.52 inch
38.61 mm
.89 inch
22.61 mm
.92 inch
23.37 mm
.25 inch
6.35 mm
.66 inch
16.76 mm

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