Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do SAmdodular cases work with with my Buchla 200e series modules ?

A: Yes !

SAmodular cases have all the voltages available on the power boards to power on and use your 200e series modules.

Q: If I buy a SAmodular case for my 200e series modules – will they break ?

A: No !

Our cases provide safe and clean power for your modules and work perfectly fine with your modules.

Q: Why should I buy a SAmodular case instead of an original Buchla case ?


Our cases are made of more robust aluminum boats and thicker wooden cheeks which are hand built and finished using a multilayer oiling process.

The boats used are optimized to allow shorter busboard interconnection cables which also means they will pick up less noise.

Our large powered busboard provides more power for your modules – even if clones like 200 series modules are used. A 24wls by Buchla provides +-15V @ 2A each and +5V @ 6A. Thats enough for their own 200e series modules as they need more current from the 5V supply while older 200 series / 200 clones make much more use of the +-15V power rails for their mostly analog circuity. With our cases you will get the best for both worlds – +-15V @ 3.3A and +5V @ 10A.

Q: I heard about 200e  preset manager lockups. Is this something that only happens with SAmodular cases ?

A: No !

We hear a lot of complaints also from owners of original Buchla cases. The larger the system the more chance for lockups. While the 18wls / 18U cases work fine with 200e series modules a 24wls / 24U can cause lockups. As far as I know there are some efforts by Buchla to solve the issue but we heard about lockups even with their newest power board revision. Using I2C repeater by Studio.h helped in the past to get larger system stabilized but with Buchla’s latest busboard revision those repeaters don’t work any more. With the power boards used in our cases I2C repeaters can still be used and Doug from Studio.H was able to stabilize even a 50U case configuration with only a few repeaters. However – this is no guarantee any larger system can be cured from 200e series lockups.

Q: Your cases are so much more affordable. Are cheaper components used ?

A: Cheaper components ? The opposite is the case.

Fresh black american walnut woodboards from a German import company near the harbour in Hamburg are used to build the wooden end-cheeks. The wood is being processed in our own workshop. After plaining and routing the parts multiple layers of oil are applied to get a matt silky finish. This process usually takes about 2 weeks for a bunch of end-cheeks.

The powder coated aluminium boats are made by a German company a few hundred kilometers away from our workshop. The boats are powder coated and come with threaded inserts / pressed in nuts.

The power distribution boards are all designed by SAmodular in Germany and fabricated in China. DC converters used for the power boards are by Cincon – a well known company who offer very high quality power supply solutions. 3 separate DC converters are installed on each powered busboard to provide sufficient power for any configuration.

So why are SAmodular’s Buchla format cases still much cheaper than elsewhere ?

Because we love the stuff we do and are happy to survive without making huge profit. 

Q: I’m building Buchla clone modules to fill that nice case I bought. What are the voltages supplied on the connectors of the power boards / busboards ?


Quite Ground-15V+15V+12V+5VNoisy GroundNot connectedI2C clock /+5VI2C data / +5VMonitor bus

(note – pictured busboard is our previous revision, connectors are the same though)