Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Active, passive, powered, unpowered – what does all that mean ? I just want a boat or case for my modules !

A: There are 2 different types of boats available. “Active” boats are simply boats with added holes so you can easily mount a power switch, a power jack for the external power supply and a banana ground jack to connect other gear to your boat / case. “Passive” boats don’t have those additional holes.

ALL boats have the large cutout on the back for breakout panels like the Buchla 225e MIDI connectors or the 227e line connectors. 

ALL boats also have 2 square cutouts. One on the front and one on the rear to feed busboard connection cables from boat to boat.

Example: “Active” boats are used along with power boards because you most likely want a switch, power jack and a ground jack to use the boat as a standalone configuration. If you already own an active boat with power board you can add a “passive” boat with a passive busboard + busboard connection cable to expand your system.

A 3-tier case for example has 1x active boat with a power board and 2x passive boats with passive busboards. You can also use 3x active boats with 1x power board and 2x passive busboards if you don’t mind the additional holes.

“active” boat

“passive” boat

Q: Ok, got it. But how do I know what power configuration I will need ?

A: Here are the suggested configurations:

  • For small systems up to 8U: Small power board + 60W power supply
  • For systems up to 20U: 1x Large power board + 90W power supply
  • For systems up to 30U: 1x Large power board + 140W power supply
  • For systems up to 40U: 2x Large power board + 2x 90W power supply
  • For systems up to 60U 2x Large power board + 2x 140W power supply

Q: I have bought a power board with power supply from your shop. How do I connect the bits ?

A: The power boards come with terminal blocks where you can simply lock the wires coming from a power connector and power switch, thats the easy part 😉

You have to solder wires to a DC power connector and/or switch though so you need to have basic electronic skills to get the bits together. The power connector and the switch are optional components. They are NOT included with your power board purchase. The offered power connector and switch fit to all offered boats in our shop.

On the small power board you have to connect +12V and Ground from the DC power connector to +12V and GND on the board.

If you bought a large power board please connect +12V and Ground from the DC power connector to +12V and NGND on the board.

Q: I’m building Buchla clone modules to fill that nice case I bought. What are the voltages supplied on the connectors of the power boards / busboards ?


Quite Ground-15V+15V+12V+5VNoisy GroundNot connectedI2C clock /+5VI2C data / +5VMonitor bus

(note – pictured busboard is our previous revision, connectors are the same though)