Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do SAmdodular cases work with with my original 200e series modules ?

A: Yes !

SAmodular cases have all the voltages available on the power boards to power on and use your 200e series modules – including the preset management.

Q: If I buy a SAmodular case for my 200e series modules – will they break ?

A: No !

Our cases provide safe and clean power for your modules and work perfectly fine with your modules.

Q: Your cases are so much more affordable. Are cheaper components used ?

A: Cheaper components ? The opposite is the case.

Fresh black american walnut woodboards from a German import company near the harbour in Hamburg are used to build the wooden end-cheeks. The wood is being processed in our own workshop. After plaining and routing the parts multiple layers of oil are applied to get a matt silky finish. This process usually takes about 2 weeks for a bunch of end-cheeks.

The powder coated aluminium boats are made by a German company a few hundred kilometers away from our workshop. The boats are powder coated and come with threaded inserts / pressed in nuts.

The power distribution boards are all designed by SAmodular in Germany and fabricated in China. DC converters used for the power boards are by Cincon – a well known company who offer very high quality power supply solutions. 3 separate DC converters are installed on each powered busboard to provide sufficient power for any configuration.

So why are SAmodular’s Buchla format cases still much cheaper than elsewhere ?

Because we love the stuff we do and are happy to survive without aiming for huge profit. 

Q: I’m building 200 series DIY modules to fill the nice case I bought. What are the voltages supplied on the connectors of the power boards / busboards ?


Quite Ground-15V+15V+12V+5VNoisy GroundNot connectedI2C clock /+5VI2C data / +5VMonitor bus

(note – pictured busboard is our previous revision, connectors are the same though)