30U case


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BNC connectors for gooseneck lamps, the firmware/presetcard reader and the blanks for the cutouts on the back of the boats are optional.

30U case – 203 style for you B-Word 200 module clones and 200e series modules.

The case and power distribution is fully compatible to the mentioned modules.
Add the optional preset card connector if you want to use a 225e or 206e preset manager to save 200e module presets.

BNC gooseneck lamp connectors and lamps can be added as an option too.

The case comes with a 140W high quality Bicker power supply and screws to mount the modules.

Lead time is usually 1-2 weeks.

Dimensions folded unfolded
Height 24,9 cm 60,3 cm
Width 68,8 cm 68,8 cm
Depth 54,4 cm 60,0 cm