212s DDC – PCBs & panels

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NOTE: The PCB set includes a 24V DC/DC converter and the ElectricDruid Noise chip.



Delivery time: 1-2 days


Delivery time: 1-2 days


Kits, PCBs & panels for a 212s DDC DIY synthesizer module.

All of Dave Browns (ModularSynthesis) mods are integrated on the boards. No need to follow his critical or optional mods. He has a great guide on how to calibrate the unit: https://modularsynthesis.com/roman/buchla212/212dd.htm

The PCBs are blue with golden solder pads, the panel is made of brushed aluminum with countersunk holes for M3 screws for PCB mounting. Graphics are silkscreened.

You can find the BOM next to he description tab above.


The PCBs are sold unpopulated and need to be stuffed by yourself. Basic electronic skills are needed.

We will not take any responsibility for damages or injuries when building and running the offered PCBs or full sets.


Please also check Digikey for parts currently on backorder @ Mouser. All the other parts listed in the BOM are available in this store.

Build notes

  1. Change resistor R170 (1M) to 4.7M or 10M if you want to allow the filter frequency to go lower into the bass range. Please note that this will also increase the volume level when you move into the bass region – just like the original Buchla module did.
  2. Select Q17 (2N3958) for an IDSS value of >3mA to avoid distortion on the bandpass filter. However – I never had any issues with distortion with a lower IDSS value.
  3. Please note that the headphone output is very noisy. The noise level can be decreased by moving the reverb wet/dry mod pot into the dry range. The regular output is fine though.