8U Buchla format case

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Fully powered – ready to use 8U Buchla case with black boats and walnut cheeks.

It is made for the Easel (208 + 218) combo and comes with a low noise – small powered busboard and a 60W Bicker power supply.

The power board is located in the bottom boat where the 218 Touch Activated Keyboard is usually mounted. This frees up space in the top boat for even the deepest known 208 version. The 208 will be powered by the busboard in the bottom boat by feeding its power cable through the slots in the middle of both boats.

The low noise busboard delivers up to 2A for the -15V and +15V rails and up to 1.5A for the +5V rail.

Lead time is usually 1-2 weeks

Height 10,4 cm
Width 47,0 cm
Depth 37,0 cm