292C Quad Lopass Gate PCBs / panels

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Buchla inspired 292c Quad Lopass Gate PCBs.

Beside the parts from the Mouser cart you’ll need what is listed below.

Vactrols - VTL5C3/2 × 4


10-pin EDAC power connector

In stock

Alpha 16mm pots - 50K lin × 4

50k linear

Rogan knobs × 4

RB - small blue skirted

Switchcaps - blue (10pcs)

Blue (10pcs

Switchcaps - white (10pcs)

White (10pcs)

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This is a PCB for a Buchla inspired 292C Quad Lopass Gate DIY module.

The PCB is matte black with golden solder pads. Every component is through-hole.

Brushed, anodized and silkscreened panels will be available in February 2019. In the meantime you can get panels from thebeast.co.uk.

The BOM and Mouser cart will be provided after purchase.