259 Complex Waveform Generator PCBs / panels

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Please read the disclaimer in the description !


Buchla inspired 259 Complex Waveform Generator DIY module.

The PCBs are matte black or blue with golden solder pads. Every component is through-hole.

The full kit includes everything you need to build the module. Only high quality components from TDK, KOA-Speer, Nichicon, Xicon, NKK etc. Precision DIP sockets are included as well to make IC replacements easier.

Apart from that you will need basic things like a soldering iron, solder, wires, other tools like screwdrivers and skills 😉

MAT02 replacement = KC811 / MAT03 replacement = 2N3806

The BOM will be provided after purchase.


The PCBs are sold unpopulated and need to be stuffed by yourself. Basic electronic skills are needed.

We will not take any responsibility for damages or injuries when building and running the offered PCBs or full sets.

Parts from the BOM you might like to add if you don’t buy the full kit – see below:

2x ribbon cables – 26pin

2x Alpha 16mm pots – 100k log

6x Alpha 16mm pots – 100k lin

5x Alpha 9mm pots – 100k lin

8x additional nuts for Alpha pots

4x 15mm I/I standoffs

4x 30mm I/I standoffs

Blue and white switchcaps

1x EDAC power connector 10-pin

1x Rogan knob set for 259

2x 2N3806 (MAT03 replacement)

2x KC-811 (MAT02 replacement)

5x Xvive VTL5C3/2 vactrols

3x Xvive VTL5C3 vactrols