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Buchla 208 clone hardware kit.
The kit includes:

  • 14x Xvive VTL5C3 vactrols
  • 22x 50k Alps sliders
  • 8x potentiometers
  • 2x Switchcraft 41 & 1x Switchcraft 42a jack
  • 45x switchcaps
  • 8x Rogan RB knobs + hex-keys
  • 2x EDAC 56pin connectors
  • 1x EDAC 10pin power connector
  • Precision DIP sockets: 7x 8-pin | 49x 14-pin | 2x 16-pin
  • 8x standoff bolts, 16x screws
  • Banana jacks: 15x black, 1x red, 5x violet, 2x blue, 4x white, 3x yellow, 3x orange

If you like Rogan Alpha knobs instead, please let me know in the comments form on checkout.

Additional parts like ICs and selected transistor can be found HERE.

PCBs and panels can be purchased from Portabellabz (Europe) or the electricmusicstore.com (USA)