208 Electric Music Easel kits, PCBs, panels & bundles

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PLEASE NOTE: Excelitas vactrols are super rare. Only 2 pieces are allowed to order with the offered bundles as a substitude for the LoPassGate section.


Delivery time: 1 week


Delivery time: 1 week


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Buchla inspired 208 Music Easel panel, PCBs, kits and bundles.

The PCBs for the 208 Electric Music Box Easel were designed by the highly regarded and well known company Portabellabz.be – please check out his website for further information – www.portabellabz.be

The 208 PCBs design is an exact copy of the vintage 208 Electric Music Easel circuit and layout.

The 208 PCB and panel set includes pA726 chicklets and the reverb frame.

The 208 and 218 bundle set comes with pre-coated PCBs for the Touch Activated Voltage source (218) so there’s no need to coat them yourself. The 218 also includes the STM32 microcontroller board needed for the build.

Check the BOM tabs next to the description tab for the “Bill of Materials” or build guides.

More information coming very soon !


The PCBs are sold unpopulated and need to be stuffed by yourself. Advanced electronic skills are needed to build the 208.

We will not take any responsibility for damages or injuries when building and running the offered PCBs or full sets.

208 BOM & build notes



218 BOM